Mountain View Elementary School

2017-2018 Supply Lists


Early Childhood

No resting mats are needed; these are provided.

One container of baby wipes

2 containers of disinfecting wipes




1 package of glue sticks

1 pair of scissors (blunt)

1 package of dry erase markers

1 rest mat (JK ONLY)



First Grade

2 spiral notebooks

Pencil pouch or box

Glue sticks




Second Grade

2 spiral, 1 subject notebooks

3 marble composition notebooks

Soft zipper pencil pouch


Binder with 1 inch rings

2 packs of black dry erase markers

Folder for papers

Third Grade

1 three ring 1 inch binder

1 soft pencil pouch

4 hardback marbled composition books

6 glue sticks

1 4 pack of highlighters

1 pack of index cards

1 pair of scissors



Fourth Grade

2 packs of wide rule lined paper

2 highlighters

2 marbled composition books

2 folders with prongs (red and blue)

2 binders (1˝ inch—red and blue)

1 zipper pencil pouch to go in binder

2 spiral composition books (red and blue)

2 packs of 3X5 white index cards




Fifth Grade

3—1 inch binders (3 separate colors)

1 spiral notebook

2 packs of loose leaf paper

1 zippered pencil pouch

Please no Trapper Keepers, pencil boxes or ink pens




Wish List Items for All Grades (If you choose to buy, please buy only one):

Disinfecting Wipes

Baby Wipes

Hand Sanitizer / Soap


Zip baggies—all sizes



Pencils and crayons are not needed for any grade at this time.





Mountain View Elementary School

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